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Teknokratioj is novlingvo for the Technocracy, a name which refers both to the state itself and the political/economic system that governs it. Seventy years ago the city of Novesperoj was founded by scientists, artists, and free thinkers from around the world to be a city of hope for a peaceful and progressive world. Independent of all other nations, Novesperoj was to be the shining example of all that mankind was possible of achieving. The city grew rapidly under the guidance of the world's educated elite. Even those who did not leave their home country participated in the great experiment that was Novesperoj. A new language was created, free from all of the cultural baggage of national languages to allow the inhabitants to communicate. New building methods were tried, and urban planning reached new heights.

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Unfortunately, things began to turn sour for Novesperoj. As the wealth of the city state grew, the masters of industry and capitol grew greedy. Alliances were formed between the industries to reduce the masses to a slave like state were they worked their whole life to just to afford to live. Those who broke the cycle became "consumers" who's only purpose was to work to acquire more goods and luxuries. The land was becoming stripped to fuel the fires of needless consumption. Obviously, such a system could not continue, and the intellectual elite searched for an answer that would grant prosperity to everyone and end suffering for ever.

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That answer was found, thirty years ago by the genius of Doktoro Fenikso. Doktoro Fenikso was one of those rare geniuses who can see far beyond their own times and make the leaps of understanding that drive the world forward. While the other intellectuals searched the world's political and economics systems for a scientific answer, Doktoro Fenisko did the opposite. It was in science that he found the answer to the failings of the world's political and economic systems. And so the Technocracy was born.

Technocracy applies the principles of science to governance and economics. No longer would politicians and and industrialists twist democracy, capitalism, and socialism to their own ends. Under the Technocracy, industry and the economy would be controlled by scientific means, by those with the merit to control it - the technical elite of Novesperoj. All production and consumption in the Technocracy is controlled by the greatest minds, using the most advanced science and technology. No longer are resources wasted on poorly manufactured goods designed to break and wear down and encourage consumption. No longer are workers forced to work just for the sake of working. Machinery and automation are the hallmark of the Technocracy. Everyone under the Technocracy is guaranteed a minimum annual income that meets their basic needs. Under the Technocracy, people work because they want to work, they have pride in what they do and how they make the city better. No longer do the idle rich lord over the masses while those unable to work slowly starve. Each person best does the work they are suited to do, and enjoy. Those who train themselves for difficult and dangerous tasks receive the praise of society and generous bonus, while those who cannot work are cared for by the pooled resources of the Technocracy as a whole.

Some critics of Technocracy have compared it to Socialism or Communism. While both those schools of thought are noble in their concern for the masses, their focus on labor and social leveling reveal them to in truth be nothing more that the rule of those who work - a state were everyone must work for the sake of working. The Technocracy stands far apart from those regimes. It is our goal to eliminate human labor all together, to harness technology and let industry work for mankind, rather than mankind for industry.

[Tech: The real Technocracy is a political/economic theory created in the 20s that probably saw it's greatest popularity during the Depression. The term as been used by a lot of different people to mean a lot of different things over the years, but to get an idea of the original Technocracy, the organization that created it is still active and has a website at: http://www.technocracyinc.org/]

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