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Shortly following the foundation of Novesperoj, a new problem became apparent. As the city and grew, it's ideal and promise drew people from around the world. Many of the laborers came from Dewaconia, but others, including most of the intellectuals came from such diverse areas as Szerelo, Osman, and Anadile. The difficult in constructing such a monumental new city was amplified by the vast diversity of languages and dialects its inhabitants spoke, a problem that could only get worse. Many projects were delayed, conflicts started, and business deal ruined because of misunderstandings due to language.

Many suggestions were made on how to fix the problem, from adopting Ancient Anadile to creating a "Basic Ingallish". Then, a Szereloan biologist and poet, Dr. L. L. Zamenhof, came up with an answer that please most everyone - Novlingvo, the New Language. Novlingvo drew root words from many of languages spoken in Novesperoj. In addition, Novlingvo used simple and consistent rules of spelling, pronunciation, and grammar to make a language that could be easily learned and spoken by everyone (Though it's easier for those who speak root based languages than tonal languages to learn).

For in depth information on Novlingvo, please contact the Novlingvo Institute*.

[Tech: For those who are interested, Novlingvo is the Aurora version of Esperanto. The link above will take you to http://www.esperanto.net/ , which goes into much more detail about Esperanto than I can here. I don't actually speak Esperanto, so any errors in the few Esperanto words I use on this site are due to my own ignorance.]

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