The Technocracy
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Technocracy is a dual thing. On the one hand it is an organization of scientists, engineers, technologists and workers in other technical fields; on the other, it is a body of thought. This body of thought may be concisely described as a technological approach to, and an analysis of, all social phenomena. Technocracy is not premised on any philosophical preconceptions, convictions or beliefs. Technocracy is based primarily on a study of the rates of growth of all energy-consuming devices in this City as a function of time. Technocracy is concerned with the natural resources available for conversion into use-forms and their quantities; with the quantity of energy and materials consumed in the proper operation of the physical equipment on this area; with the number of people required in this total operation and the hours of work within a given time. These are some of the principal questions with which Technocracy has always been, and is now, concerned.




Teknikratioj is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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