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The Teknika Konsilantaro, or Technical Council, is the governing body of the Teknikratioj. At its highest level the Council is composed of seven Dojeno Teknikisto, or Senior Technicians, who oversee the many layers of the Technocracy that controls the industry of Teknikratioj. They are also responsible for adjusting laws and dealing with foreign governments. The Council is lead by the Unua Teknikisto, or First Technician, Doktoro Fenikso.

Under the Council are the many Departments, Teams, and Research Groups that make up the body of Technocratic Governance. Statistics are compiled tracking the trends of all areas of society, new products are tested, and production levels are adjusted to ensure that every citizen enjoys comfort without wasting materials needlessly. Powerful Komputaro, or computers, are utilized to track the vast amounts of data collected and processed by the Technocracy. With the introduction of new electric computers, production has become even more efficient, a trend which bodes well for the future.


Teknikratioj is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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