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Seventy years ago the city of Novesperoj (nohv esper OY) was founded by scientists, artists, and free thinkers from around the world to be a city of hope for a peaceful and progressive world. Independent of all other nations, Novesperoj was to be the shining example of all that mankind was possible of achieving. The city grew rapidly under the guidance of the world's educated elite. Even those who did not leave their home country participated in the great experiment that was Novesperoj. A new language was created, free from all of the cultural baggage of national languages to allow the inhabitants to communicate. New building methods were tried, and urban planning reached new heights.

Under the guidance of the Technocracy, Novesperoj has grown to become the single largest, most advanced, and most prosperous city in the world. With it's guaranteed annual income, Novesperoj completely lacks the poverty that plagues other parts of the world. It's education system is paralleled only by that of Szerelo; and unlike Szerelo, Novesperoj was founded on the progressive ideal of gender equality giving equal education to men and women since its foundation.

TrainsNovesperoj's port is among the busiest in the world, with shipments coming and going around the clock. Novesperoj's factories never sleep, turing out only the finest quality merchandise for the citizens of Teknicratioj and for trade with other nations. Fast fields of crops planted and harvested by the latest in agricultural technology surround the city, feeding the citizens of city one of the best diets in the world. Rails, roads, seaports, and airports connect the city with the rest of the world and see a steady flow of traffic both from citizens and foreign visitors.

A well trained, professional paramilitary police force maintains order in the city and defends against those who lust after the wealth of Novesperoj and Teknikratioj. The police also insure that the laws of the city are enforced, protecting from murder and litter with an equal professionalism. Indeed, no other city on Aurora matches the majesty of Novesperoj.


Teknikratioj is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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