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Televido Teknikratioj

Anadile has announced that it will host a World's Fair next year. The announcement has created a stir of excitement in Teknikratioj's industrial, scientific, and artistic circles. Plans are already underway for an exhibition which will be displayed at the fair. Preliminary designs call for a small industrial-scientific park to showcase Teknikratioj's achievement. A separate artistic and cultural exhibit will showcase the achievement of artists in Novesperoj. Following the fair, the exhibit will be on display in Novesperoj and open to the public.

Dewaconia has released footage of what it is calling a "Super Bomb". The new weapon is of unprecedented power, leading many within Teknikratioj to wonder what could be behind this awesome new weapon. The Ordinance Committee would not reveal if they knew the technical details of the weapon, or if Teknikratioj had any weapons of similar power. General Dubakio spoke briefly at a press conference today:
(clip of conference) "... is classified. Dewaconia has somewhat different security and defense strategies than us, due mainly to the difference in size between our nations. It is much easier for us to defend ourselves - we only need to worry about a small corner of Novliberalando (Newfreeland). We remain in good relations with Dewaconia, and support their new bases in the Szeb Islands as well as the "Great Wall of Qurussia" as important part of the defense of our mutual island home."


Teknikratioj is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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