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Televido Teknikratioj

The Komuniko Divisio announced the creation of an automated Teletype center for all Tekinkratioj communications, forms, and publications. Using a teletype device with the proper protocols, individuals will be able to connect to a central komputaro will send the requested document to the device for typing. The documents themsevles are stored on steel discs much like phonographs. Infact, the principle and have access to thousands of documents. Documents can be accessed using 20 digit codes entered into the teletype terminal. Once the code is received, the komputaro is the same - the recordings are identical to the sounds one would hear if the transmition was received by a telephone rather than a teletypwriter.

It is hoped that this new system will improve the efficiency of branch offices and non-central departments. Currently these offices must rely on couriers and other inefficient means of transport to receive documents and reports. The Komuniko Divisio is reportedly working on a similar system using the new facsimile devices to send memos to multiple recipients automaticly.

The Militista has stepped up patrols of the Dewaconia border on reports of increased anti-government activity across the border. According to intelligence reports, the terrorist group WAR (We Are Ready) has stepped up its actions in response to the hosting of the Council of Nations summit in Dewaconia. The Konsilantaro is worried that WAR cells near the border may begin using the nature reserves on the Teknikratioj side as a base for attacks against Dewaconia. In order to prevent this, several squadrons of Vandalo jets have been sent to patrol the border and attack any WAR camps they may find.


Teknikratioj is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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