Foreign Aid

The Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan welcomes any assistance that foreign governments, organizations, and individuals are willing to give us. Our nation suffers from the effects of a brutal war. Once one of the most civilized and prosperous nations, the Aztalec people now live in abject poverty and misery.

  • Our population has declined from over 40 million in 1500 to a little over 23 million today
  • Once one of the healthiest nations, today diseases such as cholera, typhus, and plague run rampant through the shanty towns, cities, and enclaves of the survivors.
  • The life expectancy of a newborn has fallen from 79.6 years in 1500 to 47 years today.
  • Unemployment, at 7.3% in 1500 has risen to 78% today.
  • Over 70% of the land suffers from serious environmental degradation, which will only get worse if our infrastructure is not rebuilt.

We are not without hope, however. The Aztalec people are still one of the best educated peoples in the world. With proper investment, Aztlan will rebuild its shattered industries and the Aztalec people will rebuild their shattered lives.

Many nations have reach out to help Aztlan in its time of need. The Ascendancy of Andrea has been at the forefront, with monetary, military, and humanitarian aid. The Federal Republic of Limor & Limadestan generous gift of 800 million CC and Sunamia's grant of 77 milion CC has enable us to begin to rebuild our shattered schools, infrastructure and hospitals; while Naarvul, Lacrosse-Michardie, and Civitas have generously provided food to help prevent starvation among our refugees. Other nations, such as Cruiswieck and Asturias have kindly removed tariffs on food to relieve the suffering in Aztlan. Many private agencies have also stepped in to help rebuild Aztlan, including GovDevCo, Helping Hand Adoption Agency, Limon Red Cross / Limadestan Crescent Moon, TKA & TEAC, Szikametzca Zep Tech, GrabTek, Stuff, Inc, Stoneman Gaswerk, and TVDC.

Equally urgent is the plight of thousands of orphans left by the war. With no parents or families, many of the children face a bleak future. While the Provisional Government has set up orphanages for these unfortunate children, the stretched resources of the government leave these children with little hope. The Helping Hand Adoption Agency, working with the Provisional Government, seeks to place these children in loving homes across Scandia.

Please, lend us a hand.

Foreign Aid

Government Sponsors:

the Ascendancy of Andrea

the Federal Republic of Limor& Limadestan

the Democratic Nation of Sunamia

the Republic of Civitas

the United Kingdom of Lacrosse-Michardie

Corporate Sponsors:

GovDevCo Corporation


Stoneman Gaswerk

Stuff, Inc.

Szikametzca Zep Tech



NGO Sponsors:

Helping Hand Adoption Agency

Limon Red Cross / Limadestan Crescent Moon

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