Welcome to the Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan Online

A Message From Colonel-President Itzacoatl

Today, the Aztalec people celebrate the dawning of a new day. We have emerged from three years of invasion, war and terrorism as a stronger, more determined people. Under Colonel-President Itzacoatl’s leadership, Aztalecs are now ready to overcome tremendous new challenges as we move to restore our nation, our people, our infrastructure, our economy and the ability of all Aztalec men and women to build rich and meaningful lives.

The Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan will facilitate humanitarian and relief efforts. We will also aggressively explore a vital economic redevelopment agenda, acting as a willing partner with appropriate international government agencies, corporations, private sector interests, universities, and non-governmental organizations to ensure Aztlan finds its place in the 16th Century as the cultural and commerce hub of Central Venda – a position it has enjoyed for centuries.

Aztlan’s once prosperous banks, factories, agriculture and vast mineral assets either teeter on the verge of annihilation or languish tragically under-utilized. We will work ceaselessly to promote the restoration of our world-class historic sites and to reinvigorate an economy that once provided jobs and prosperity for all Aztalecs who worked for it.

Also in focus is the enhancement of Aztlan’s bilateral relations with the diplomatic corps. As we are still in the early stages of fully reclaiming our land, there is a pressing need to initiate or resume dialogue with other nations’ emissaries and diplomats.

We at the Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan are here to help. And our mission is to succeed.

The Flag of the Republic of Aztlan
The flag of the Republic of Aztlan
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