The Structure of Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan

The Provisional Government of the Republic of Aztlan was established by Colonel Itzcoatl of the 7th Aztechnology Security Regiment and Colonel Lysander Thessaloi of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Detached), mercenaries from the Ascendancy of Andrea. Following the destruction of Aztechnology Command Bunker by two deep penetrator nuclear shells from the nationalist forces of the Central Republic, these two units worked to restore order to the shattered forces of Aztechnology and to repulse forces from the rapidly disintegrating Central Republic.

Following the suppression of both nationalist and disruptive elements of the former Aztechnology High Command, Colonel Itzcoatl proclaimed himself President of the Republic of Aztlan, and immediately won the support of those commanders who were truly loyal to the Aztalec people. With the backing of the multinational corporation Ascendancy Diversified Services, the Provisional Government has been able to begin the process of rebuilding the shattered country.

Most government services are outsourced to the Andrean company GovDevCo, which runs many city government services in Andrea. As their first international customer, Aztlan has received excellent service. The Cabinet and Tlatoani are comprised of those officers who led their forces to both repel the Central Republic aggressors and who helped suppress the unstable elements of Aztechnology that survived the war.

Once the situation in Aztlan has stabilized, a new constitution will be created and elections held. A new and powerful nation shall be born.

The Provisional Government:

The Provisional Government is comprised of two parts: the President and Cabinet, and the Provincial Governors, or "Tlatoani"

The President & Cabinet:
Colonel-President Itzcoatl. Head of State
Major Tlacaelel, Minister of Defense
Major Moquihuix, Minister of Finance
Lieutenant Tezozomoc, Minister of Education
Captain Topiltzin, Minister of Culture
Captain Tziquetzalpoztectzin, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Tlatoani:
Nezahualcoyotl, Tenocha Provence
Quetzalmantzin, Azcapotzalco Provence
Zolton, Ozomatlan Provence
Acamapichtli, Tepetlan Provence

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