Ascendancy of Andrea
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The Shangal Invasion

The ancient Sagas of the Achean come to an abrupt end in 937 AC. However, where the sagas leave off, the Annals of the Son of the Morning begin. Where the Shangal came from was a mystery to the Achean sages, however, as told in the Annals, over 100 ships carrying 30,000 soldiers landed on the west coast of Andrea with one goal in mind - conquest. Their leader, the Glorious Son of the Morning, Emperor Shan Xu, revered by them as a god, had foreseen in a vision the conquest of Andrea. The petty lords of the Sun Coast were no match for the disciplined Shangal troops and their iron weapons. in just five short years, the entire north half of the island, except for the central highlands, was in their hands. 

Shangal records themselves reveal Emperor Shan Xu to be of a cadet branch of the Sung Ming Imperial family. He had been given a mandate to conquer new lands for them empire, and had been given the funds and troops with wich to do so. However, he appears to have had his own plans, and never re-established contact with Sung Ming after the conquest began. 

The Shangal generals divided up the conquered territory into military districts, each of them ruled by one of the Emperor's sons. For the next year, the Shangal consolidated their gains and began the construction of their capitol city, Sangpan, on the northern plains. During this time, the Shangal attempted to penetrate the deep forests of the central highlands. While they were easily able to take the Achean settlements in the foothills, the rugged terrain and fierce natives of the highlands were able to halt their advance. The central highlands would remain free of Shangal control for the next 2000 years. 

In 952 AC the Shangal Emperor died, replaced by Emperor Shan Tzu. Shan Tzu would pursue his father's dream of empire, and in 954 AC renewed the Shangal assault on the Achean. For the next 2 years, the Shangal armies swept across southern Andrea. The thin population of the southern forests was easily dominate by the superior Shangal soldiers. Though the warriors and kings of the Achean fought bravely, their time was at an end. 

Andrea was one empire. The Shangal Empire.


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