Ascendancy of Andrea
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 Embassies and Relations

The Ascendancy of Andrea conducts its relations with an eye toward making the most favorable business and trading envirnoment possible. To that end, it maintains embassassies in as many nations as possible, and will seek to promote free trade and capitalism and discourage the spread of communism. It belongs to several international organizations, includeing the International Forum, World Bank of Development, and World Economic Organization. The Andrean Constitution places many restrictions on what sort of organization the Ascendancy can join.


Monastic Republic of Maristerranea

ViceRoyalty of Elmira

Republic of Aztlan

Grand Emirate of Fixatia

Kingdom of Vetlanda

Austral Confederation

Imperial Confederation of the Katrinkan Empire & the Kingdom of Kubavia


Kingdom of Ostensia

Turian Republic

101 Chzork Megye Square

19 Bounty Drive Embassy Area
20020 Verdania

The Confederate Nations

The Ascendancy of Andrea does not establish Extradition Treaties under any circumstances. However, any requests for extradition will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Furthermore, the AoA will not seek to block or inhibit civil suites originating in other nations.

International Issues

Drug Trafficking
While most recreational drugs besides tobacco and alcohol are illegal in many the nations of Scandia, Andrea is the exception. Many perfectly legitimate companies are involved in the manufacture and sale of narcotic substances within the Ascendancy. As a result of legality, the prices of these substances are low, often equivalent to the price of alcohol or tobacco products in other nations. In nations that prohibit drug trafficking, sale, and use the black market has often inflated drug prices beyond any realistic measure. The resulting price differential has made smuggling a very attractive option for those Andreans who have no moral concerns about breaking another nation's laws. Consequently, Andrea is a haven for and the major source of illegal drug trafficking and production for all drugs except alcohol. tobacco, and marijuana (in most nations, marijuana is grown in small amounts by individual users). This situation has alarmed and angered several nations with strict drug control policies, especially in light of the governments inability and unwillingness to do anything to curb the problem.


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