Ascendancy of Andrea
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Geography: Location: Large island in southern hemisphere between 45S and 70S.
Total Land Area: 3.235.000 sq. km. Coastline: 6.320 km. Land Use: 21% Arable Land; 2% permanent crops; 23% meadows and pastures; 46% woodland and forest; 8% other. Major Cities: Andrea 12.141.000; Port Eris 4.645.000; Kandar 2.467.00; Lojan 1.563.000

People: Population: 189.183.000 Nationality: noun - Andrean(s); adjective - Andrean. Ethnic Groups: 84% Andrean; 3% Keltani Achean; 7% Shangal; 2% Aborigional, 2% Saraphian, 1% Kwasinan 1% Other Languages: Andrean Achean Dialect(Official); Andrean Shangal Dialect (Official); Native.
Religions: 49% Atheist, 27% Andrean Orthodox, 19% Aerisian, 6% other.

Government: Type: Constitutional Anarchy. Constitution: 5 October 1211 National Holiday: Ascendant Day, Feb. 11. Head of State: Ascendant Mazrim Velkor (since 1501). Structure: executive: Headed by Ascendant who is chief of state; minsiters selected by Ascendant; four ministries - War, Standards, Public Affairs, Foreign Affairs, powers provisional in Constitution. No legislative branch. Judicial: Magistrates selected by Grand Magistry, can be recalled by Ascendant or Grand Magistry.

Economy: Monetary Unit: Ascendancy Mark (aM), fixed at 1/100th oz of gold Budget: income: aM217 bil.; expend: aM135 bil.; GDP: aM4.510 bil., aM23.839 per capita. Chief Crops: food grain, feed crops, cannabis, coca, poppy Livestock: Goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses. Natural Resources: natural gas, petroleum, iron, gold, nickel, sulfur, bauxite, tin, diamond, uranium, copper, silver, lead, limestone.
Major Industries: steel, aerospace, heavy machinery, consumer electronics, military harware, telecommunications, mining, pharmecuticals Labor Force: 59.000.000. Exports: aM591 bil.  Imports: aM535 bil.

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