Ascendancy of Andrea
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Andrean culture has many distinct aspects to it. During their 2400 years of isolation, the Andrean people developed a culture unique to the island, developing on the fusion of Western and Eastern culture that resulted from the blending of the Keltani Achean and Shangal peoples. In the past 300 years, Andrean culture has drawn heavily from the other cultures around Scandia, creating a synthesis of the old and new.


The majority of Andreans are atheist/agnostic, a relatively new phenomenon occurring in the past 150 years. This is mainly attributed to the rise of the Nihilist movement of the previous century and modern Psychology. The roots of atheism go back to the Revolution, when Emperor worship was abandoned following the death of the last Emperor. Efforts to revive Emperor Worship in the person of the Ascendant have been vigorously opposed. The largest religion is Andrean Orthodoxy, centered around the worship of Zos Pater. The figure of Zos comes from the religions of ancient Thesia, brought to Andrea by Achean tribesmen millennia ago. Modern Zos worship has combine many elements of Cruistianity. The second largest religion is Aeris worship. Aeris was the ancient goddess of Strife and Discord, and the household goddess of the Velkora Duchy. Aeris has gained popularity in recent years and is seen as a symbol of the competition in the Capitalist system. Cruistians and Mounists are also present in Andrea, but in small numbers. Cruistians in particular are disliked by Andreans, due mainly to missionaries of previous centuries.


Andrean is broken into two loosely related dialects, Shangal and Achean. Shangal is closely related to Kanjirian and Neeponese, while Achean is derived from Thesian. Both dialects have exchanged many words and grammar rules over the centuries. Shangal is mainly spoken in the North-Central areas, and Achean along the coasts and South. 83% of Andreans speak both dialect fluently.


The Arts in Andrea are unique, and have only recently drawn from other countries. There are many ties to classical arts in Kanjiri, and recent classical culture in Dorania. Most recently, Arts in Andrea have focused on adapting traditional arts from around Scandia to modern themes.

Andrea is one of the few countries in Scandia where futball (soccer) is not popular. The leading sports in Andrea are wrestling, martial arts, golf, and basket ball. Many Andreans are also regular practicers of fencing and marksmanship, as dueling is legal in Andrea.

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