Ascendancy of Andrea
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The Andrean Armed Forces are broken into three main groups which are under the direct control of the Ascendant. The Ministry of War conducts the buercratic functions of the military, and is the chief device through which the Ascendant controls the forces. All three divisions have a combined budget of approximately aM70 billion. The three division of the military are as follows:
  The Strategic Space Command.
The Space command controls the strategic  nuclear and nuclear defense systems. The systems are divided between land and space based systems. The Space Command has recently begun a nuclear disarmament program in conjunction with the other branches of the military. Once complete, the Space Command's sole responsibility will be the protection of Andrea from space based threats. To this end, the SSC has begun an ambitious program of anti-missle and space technology development.

Home Guard
The Home Guard is comprised of citizens fulfilling their service obligation. It is restricted by the Constitution to defense only, and may not be used outside of Andrean territory, with the exception of the Coast Guard which may operate in international waters. There are 1,345,000 active Home Guard Personnel, and 23,595,000 reserves. The Home Guard is divided into three subdivisions.

    National Militia
    The National Militia is the main ground force of the Guard. It is broken into 2 Infantry, and 10 Mechanized divisions.
    Air Guard

    The Air Guard is responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of Andrean airspace in the event of a war. There are 5 tactical defense wings in the Air Guard. 

    Coast Guard

    The Coast Guard is responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of Andrean waters and protecting merchant shipping. It is comprised of 30 frigates, 42 corvettes, and numerous boats.

Foreign Legions
Five legions of professional soldiers comprise the main offensive force of the Andrean Military. This force is comprised of career soldiers as well as non citizens seeking citizenship. The Legions field over 560,000 troops and are capable of fighting either one major war and one regional war simultaneously, or up to 20 minor operations simultaneously.

First Foreign Legion - Naval


220,000 troops, 3 Battleships, 70 Battle Cruisers, 29 Destroyers, 43 Frigates, 116 Light Cruisers, 19 Aircraft Carriers, 60 Submarines 




Second Foreign Legion - Army
180,000 troops, 1 Infantry division, 3 Air Cavalry divisions, 6 Mechanized divisions 

Third Foreign Legion - Marine
30,000 troops, 2 Mechanized divisions, 1 Air Cavalry division 

Fourth Foreign Legion - Air
80,000 personnel, 1,500 Tactical fighter/bomber aircraft, 50 Strategic Bomber

Fifth Foreign Legion - Rapid Response Task Force

60,000 troops, 32 Missile Frigates, 5 Aircraft Carriers, 5 Submarines, 1 Marine division, 1 Mechanized division, 1 Air Mobile Cavalry, 300 Tactical fighter/bombert aircraft



Private Military Forces

In addition to the regular military, there are an estimated 1,485 private military forces employing over 3,000,000 in Andrea. These range from professional police and security companies to mercenary armies and corporate security forces. As there is no regulation of weapons in Andrea, these forces are extremely well armed.

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