Ascendancy of Andrea
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The prehistory of the Island of Andrea is shrouded in mist. For years it had been assumed that the Island was mostly uninhabited with the exception of the central highlands which are the home of the Aborgionals today. Archeological work of the past thirty years has turned up quite a different picture, however. The earliest traces of humanity on Andrea can be traced back to western coast villages which have been reliably date back 25,000 years. These villagers, usually thirty people per site, were not the savages one would expect. They possessed highly sophisticated stone tools and stone art. They appear to have domesticated several indigenous plants and animals and were on the way to becoming a true urban culture. While it is not known what these people were like physically, it is highly likely that they had the same dark skin and curly hair as the modern Aborigionals. The coastal plains were inhabited by nomadic hunters who hunted the large game of the area, mainly wild horses and ostrich. The central highlands were then much as they are today. The same people inhabited the area, with many of the same customs. Of course, they no longer use stone tools today, but in prehistoric times those tools were just as effective as the modern machete and rifle.

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