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How does one define Discordian writings? Discordians, by their nature, often defy definition, both as individuals and as a group. Written works both by and about Discordians are no different. The vast majority of things written by Discordians are ephemeral, electronic. Web pages, e-mails, usenet postings. Somehow that seems very fitting. The web is a great place to find things written by Discordians. Obviously you know this already, or you're probably not reading this. Usenet is another good source of all things Discordian. Much more conversational and spontaneous than the web, alt.discordia is a font of both the most inspired and inane things said by Discordians over the past decade.

Aside from the Internet, however, it can be hard to find anything. There's the Principia Discordia, of course. And thanks to online bookstores, it's a lot easier to find these days. Robert Anton Wilson's another source of Discordian and Discordian-like books. Quite a few people were first introduced to Discordians through reading the Illuminatus! Trilogy. I've tried to collect a few of the things ABMTAC members have written, along with books and other writings I think you'll like.

-Madog Velkor