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Many attempts have been made to describe Discordianism. Many attempts have failed.

Discordianism is a philosophy. Some have described it as "like Taoism, but funnier." Some people think that Discordians take serious things humorously. That is not quite true; rather, we take humorous things seriously.

Discordianism has a lot to do with Order and Chaos. The two are considered equals, more or less. Discordianism isnít about anarchy, the downfall of government, and breaking stuff, per se. Itís about creativity, and that takes both Order and Chaos. To quote the Principia Discordia (most wholely holy of texts; the Better Book), "To choose order over disorder, or disorder over order, is to accept a trip composed of both the creative and the destructive. But to choose the creative over the destructive is an all-creative trip composed of both order and disorder. To accomplish this, one need only accept creative disorder along with, and equal to, creative order, and also be willing to reject destructive order as an undesirable equal to destructive disorder." One camp of Discordians believes there is enough order in the world as it is, and so dedicate themselves to being founts of chaos, thus evening up the overall balance. Another camp takes things more personally, and so looks to strike a balance between order and disorder within the individual. They're both right.

Discordianism also has a lot to do with subjective reality. Hereís an example of subjective versus objective reality I once used on my senior English class: "Letís say I move to another state. Objectively, you know that I still exist. Iím just somewhere else. But, I have disappeared from your lives. You no longer know anything about me or what Iím doing. So, subjectively Ė from your perspective Ė I have ceased to exist. Because you canít actually perceive me any longer, itís as if I no longer exist." That explanation earned me a lot of blank stares. Hereís subjective reality in a nutshell: if you are 100% convinced that something is real, then it is real. If youíre actually wearing a straightjacket in the corner of a small padded room, but you are completely certain that you are sipping a martini in Bermuda, then you may as well be in Bermuda. Youíll never know the difference, so itís real, at least to you. (Just as a side note, there are those who think they can impose their own subjective realities on the shared, objective reality. Some of these people are self-proclaimed chaos mages, some are crackpots, and some are both.)

If you want to know more than that, youíre going to have to read the book. Itís a lot funnier than this was.