Freedom. We all want it. Even those who don't. We here at the Ambrose Bierce Mexican Travel Agency Cabal support everybody's right to freedom, even the right to not want freedom at all. However, you may have noticed that some people don't want you to be free. These poor misguided souls believe that there can only be one correct way to live your life. While we do support their freedom to believe this, they often try to prevent the rest of us from exercising our natural right to freedom. They insist that there must be a social order, one patterned on their particular beliefs. We at the ABMTAC contend that there need be no social order at all. Just to be annoying to certain people, we'd like to hear from any of you who may have ideas for a social disorder that will maximize the freedom of all those who participate.

ABMTAC has made two scannings of the Principia Discordia, both of which are available for anyone to use. The first is an 8 MB .pdf version of the IllumiNet Press Edition, with a lengthy foreword by Kerry Thornley. The second is the Steve Jackson Games Edition, which includes about twenty pages of new material, and is definitely worth checking out. It's been formated as images within HTML and must be viewed on the web.

The active arm of ABMTAC is, where you can find the Discordian Search Engine, the Locatrix, the complete scanned Principia Discordia, Scripture, and more!

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