Space Development Consortium
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The Space Stations

The Space Development Consortium currently maintains two space stations around Scandia. The SS1, nearing the end of it's operation life, was constructed by Montedoria, and acquired by Andrean following the collapse of that nation. SS2 was built using techniques learned from SEMTO allies and serves as a model for all future endeavors. Several private companies are also designing stations, with the idea of making orbital hotels for space tourists.

SS1: Unity Station

Size: 130 tons, six modules arranged in T-shaped craft about size of railroad car, 98 feet wide and 85 feet long.
Orbits: About 16 a day, for total of more than 77,000.
Distance from Scandia: about 225 miles.

Space Station 1, renamed Unity Station in 1506, was purchased from the Semto Space Services prior to the dissolution of the alliance. Since that then it has served as a platform to better understand human spaceflight, and as a model for future space stations, such as the new SS2.

SS2: Mazrim Station

Weight: 149,686 kg (330,000 lbs.)
Habitable Volume: 425 cubic meters (15,000 cubic feet)
Surface Area (solar arrays): 892 square meters (9,600 square feet)

Space Station 2, christened Mazrim Station, was constructed from 1507-1509 using knowledge gained from Montedoria and members of the SEMTO Space Service. SS2 is the largest manmade object permanently in orbit, and is inhabited year round by rotating crews of five.

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