The Sultan

The Imperial Osman Sultanate is blessed by the leadership of Sultan Okan Timur XIV, the Reformer. When the Sultan ascended to the throne thirty two years ago, the Sultanate was on the verge of falling apart. Many areas were in open or near revolt, and others had been part of the Sultanate in name only for decades. The Sultan began a series of reforms designed to transform the Sultanate into a modern state. He recognized the independence of many former Osman possessions, a controversial move but one that saved the Sultanate from devastating civil war. The remaining nations were placed under more central control, and many of their concerns were addressed. To govern the Sultanate, the Sultan reduced the powers of the old aristocracy and eliminated the ancient bureaucracy led by eunuchs. In their place he created a hierarchy of Directorates charged with governing a specific aspect of the state. This combination of reform, federalism, and restructuring helped to revitalize the state and modernize much of Osman's civil service. In conjunction with this, the Sultan issued a series of legal and social reforms aimed at lessening the oppression of his subjects.

Art, business, and industry have flourished under Okan the Reformer making him a favorite of the people. During the past three decades he has helped transform Osman from the "sick man" of Aurora to a vital and growing state. Though he has recently turned 70, the Sultan remains a vital and active man, and still directs the conduct of the government. Hi eldest son, Okan Timur XV has worked with his father his whole life and is poised to be an able successor when the time comes.




Osman is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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