Peoples of Osman

When the Sultanate was founded by Osman Timur, it was a single united people - the Osman Tyrqs. As the Sultanate grew and expanded it's enlighened rule over more lands and peoples it found increasing conflicts between the people who had lived in those lands before and the newly arrived Tyrqs. In order to prevent the clash of cultures and hatered that has marred so much of the world's history, Sultan Okan Timur II, in his infinite wisdom, established the "Millet" or Nation system. Under the Millet system, each nation of peoples was allowed to continue its ways and traditions under it's own local leaders, and was subject only to taxation and the Jannisary draft.

Osman Tyrqs:
The Osman Tyrqs are by far the most numerous and widespread nation in the Sultanate. Throught the centuries the Osman Tyrqs have abosorbed other cultures and peoples making them very different than their nomadic Tyrqic ancestors. Today they are among the most cultured and cosmopolitan people in the world.

The Kriopti have lived alond the northwest coast of the Osman Sultanate since the dawn of prehistory. A friendly and peaceful people they are a source of much of the wealth of the Sultan, both from the trading they undertake as well as a special tax they pay to avoid military service.

Iudeans have faced persecution in many lands through history. The Osman Sultans have sheltered them from the wrath of the world for over three centuries, during which time they have become an integral part of the Sultanate. Iudeans have no homeland within the Sultanate, but can be found in almost any city. As they prize education, they are often found in high ranking positions in business, banking, and the government.

The Ahrzghani, or "Sons of Kings" as they refer to themselves, are a nation of herdsmen, farmers, and craftsmen in the rugged southern mountains. A fiercely independent people, they have never been able to overthrow the civilizing influence of the Sultanate, due mainly to their constant interclan fueding. The Ahrzghani are formitable soldiers, and readily give their loyaly to sucessful commanders. They make up a large portion of the Jannissaries.