A Report on the Kriopti Nation
prepared May 3, 2102

The Kriopti are peaceful Cruistians who are found along the western coast of Osman. Historically, they have inhabited the region since antiquity and are one of the oldest civilizations on Aurora. Over the centuries they have been part of many different empires and have developed a passive, peaceful nature. In deference to their non-warlike nature, they are exempt from the Jannisary tax of young men, and pay a monetary fee instead. They are renown tradesmen and fishers who supply much of the goods that come into the Sultanate.

Despite their peaceful nature, the Kriopti have long hand an unfortunate anti-Iudean streak. Perhaps because the Kriopti are so passive toward other peoples, they have made up for it with their persecution of Iudeans. Despite efforts by Tyrqic officials and Kriopti leaders, it is not uncommon for peasants or simple laborers to blame Iudeans for their own misfortunes. The one exception to this is the ancient Kriopti city of Ystanopoli which is very cosmopolitan and forward thinking.

If they have a great dislike for Iudeans, the Kriopti have an equally great fear of their neighbors, the Ahrzghani. Perhaps because of their peaceful nature, or perhaps because of their mistreatment of Iudeans; the Ahrzghani treat the Kriopti with great contempt. Kriopti peasants today still recount tales to their children of the Ahrzghani hordes that once slaughtered, ravaged, and enslaved their people. Thankfully, the yoke of the Sultanate has tamed the aggression of the Ahrzghani toward the Kriopti, and the two nations live largely in peace with each other Nonetheless, few Kriopti will enter Ahrzghan, despite the many opportunities for trade.