A Report on the Iudean Nation
prepared April 14, 2098

The Iudean nation is unique among the nations that have made up the Osman Sultanate. Unlike the other nations, they have no homeland, and did not become part of the Sultanate in a single group. Rather, the Iudeans settled in Osman over many centuries, in many groups, from all across Aurora. The Iudeans have long suffered persecution by other groups. Because they lack a homeland, the Iudeans have always been greeted as strangers by their neighbors, and often served as scapegoats when things when wrong. Though they often saw the most persecution in Cruisian nations, attacks on them in Mounist lands were not unknown, despite the prohibition by the Prophet.

In Osman however, the Iudeans found a protector. From the beginning, the Sultans have offered sanctuary to Iudeans from around the world. Because of this, the Iudeans are among the most loyal and valuable members of Osman society. The Iudeans can be found in most areas of Osman, especially the cities and Tyrqic regions. Relations between the Kriopti and the Iudeans are strained, however, and it is not unknown for small towns and villages to go on pogroms with little provocation. Most surprising, perhaps, is the tolerance the Ahrzghani show toward the Iudeans, considering the extreme xenophobia the Ahrzghani are known for. It seems that the Ahrzghani accept the Iudean claim of being the Chosen People to be fact, and grant them respect accordingly. Few Iudeans, however, are comfortable in the violent Ahrzghani culture.

Because of their respect for education and emphasis on law and legal theory, Iudeans are often found as judges, lawyers, bankers, and government officials. While the lack of a prohibition against usury has caused many to accuse the Iudeans of greed, they are in fact a very honest people and an asset to the Sultanate.