A Report on the Ahrzghani Nation
prepared October 23, 2098

A hundred years later Tâwûs Malâk said to God, "What is this? Adam and his offspring are going to be numerous." God said to him, "Into your hands I have given this matter to minister." Then he came to Adam and said, "Have you eaten wheat?" He said, "No, because God forbade me." He said to him, "Eat of it. Things will prove better than they are now."
~~ Meshef Resh

The Ahzghani, who call themselves "Princes of the World", and "Sons of Adam" have long been the most feared and misunderstood of the several nations in the Sultanate. Often called devil-whorshipers for their reverence of Tawus Malak, the Peacock Angel, they are in fact Peoples of the Book who revere the Angels of God as his primary agents on Aurora.

The chief difference of the Ahzghani faith, or Malakimism (Angel Worship), is that they lack the concept of good an evil. Thus, the hold God, through is angels to be both the agent of fortune and misfortune in the world. Added to this, they seldom worship or even mention God directly, believing to do so is to diminish him. The believe the universe is ruled by seven angels (malak), the chief which is Malak Tawus, also called Ezezel. Their reputation as devil worshipers comes from the identification of Ezezel with Shaitan in Mounist and Cruistian faith.

The Ahrzghani primarily reside in Arzghan, a large mountainous provence that makes up the south western quarter of the Sultanate. The bulk of the Arzghan live in the Quetreq valley, where they live in numerous mid-sized towns. Arzghan is the most undeveloped portion of the Sultanate, though it is believed to have vast untapped mineral reserves. Mining in the area is primarily for gold, silver, and chromium. Most Ahrzghani make their living from herding, farming, or small workshops. Development of the area is hindered both by the seasonally unpassable Black Mountains and the warlike nature of the Ahrzghani clans.

The Ahrzghani nation is comprised of over 150 clans who continually fight for dominance. The Ahrzghani are a fiercely proud people who abhor authority beyond that of the family or clan bond. The Ahrzghani generally do not include foreigners in their clan skirmishes, and have even been known to go out of their way to ensure they are not hurt. This comes not from any special favor toward foreigners, they simply do not want to lose prestige by attacking those not involved in a feud. Indeed, the Ahrzghani believe themselves to be separate from other races, who are descended from Adam and Eyve rather than just Adam (or Adam and Lylyth by some accounts). As such, intermarriage with non-Ahrzghani is unheard of, and it impossible for an outsider to convert to their faith. However, in the past some tribes or clans have been adopted into the Ahrzghani after it was determined through some unknown method that they were also solely descended from Adam. (The most prominant of these adopted clans is Clan Velkora).