The military has changed much since the days of the Osman Tyrq Horde. Historically, the military has been divided between the personal forces of the nobility, mainly horsemen, and the Janissaries of the Sultan, professional soldier-slaves. In the modern military, both the household troops of nobles and the soldier-slaves of the Janissaries have been replaced by a professional, modern army.

The military of the Sultanate is broken into three parts, the Janissaries, the Beys, and the Navy. The Janissaries are the main professional land army of the Sultanate. No longer slaves, the Janissaries are conscript soldiers who serve for a period of at least 20 years. During this service, however, they are paid good wages, allowed to marry, and participate in normal society - a change from the days when they were once property of the Sultan. The forces of the Janissaries range from infantry, to armored tanks, to new aircraft squadrons. They are the backbone of the military, and comprise the actual staff, along with Naval Officers, of the Military Directorate itself.

The Navy has worked toward modernizing itself since the disrepaired and outdated state it was in three decades ago. Unlike the Janissaries, the Navy is comprised of volunteers who serve the state for varying lengths of time. The ships of the Navy can be found across with world, on "flag tours" designed to display Osman's might to the world, as well as protect Osman shipping. The Navy, along with the Janissaries, make up the Directorate itself.

Under the control of, but not truly part of the Military Directorate, are the militias of the Beys and the Millets. These troops are for the most part less trained and equipped with older weapons. They serve to maintain order within the Sultanate, put down brigands, and generally maintain order outside the cities. These troops are rarely professionals, though their officers and NCOs usually come from the other branches of the military. The one exception to this are Ahrzghani clan dragoons. Though their equipment is outdated - in some cases they still use muzzle loaders - they are remarkable warriors with excellent leadership. Many of the Arzhgani dragoons are former Janissaries expelled for disciplinary reasons. Those Ahrzghani who can accept the order of a modern military usually find life long careers in the Janissaries. They are often employed as irregulars by the Military Directorate, though they have a tendency to turn to brigandry if a tight reign is not kept on them.


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