Our Valient Military

The Military might of the Sultanate is built around three equal pillars: the Imperial Navy, the Beys, and the Jannissaries. While these three branches have independent command structures, all central planning is handled by the Military Directorate

The Imperial Navy has long defended the shores of the Sultanate from invaders and piracy. Under the direct command of the Sultan, the Navy is the largest and most advanced branch of the military.

The Bey system is descended from the old fuedal systems that served the Sultanate for centuries. While Beys are are no longer hereditary and their soldiers are no longer household troops, they still form the backbone of the Sultanate's defence. The Bey system is similiar to the national militias in many other nations. The soldiers, while not professionals, spend one weekend each month training for the defense of their provence.

The Jannissaries make up the proffessial land services of the Sultanate. Both volunteers and draftees from every nation, save the Kriopti, make up the Jannissaries. Jannissaries serve for life, and both in combat positions when young as well as in administrative and industry positions when older.