When Sultan Okan Timur XIV inherited the throne, he ruled over an ancient empire mired in the past. With internal strife threatening to tear the Sultanate apart, and more modern nation states waiting to dismember it, the Sultan realized the only way Osman would survive was through radical reforms. The recipient of the bulk of the reforms was the bloated and inefficient civilian government, ruled by clans of eunchs and petty aristocrats. Backed by loyal generals he routed out the corruption of the system and create a new, modern, and powerful government in it's place: the Civil Directorate.

Counterpart to the Military Directorate and Millet Directorate, the Civil Directorate is resposible for all government functions of the Sultanate. As it's goal is to regulate, govern, and improve every aspect of life in the Sultante, there are many smaller directorates within the Civil Directorate, from the powerful Political Directorate that ensures loyalty to the smaller Postage Directorate (who produce stamps and postage) or Signage Directorate (who regulate signs).

With this powerful tool, the Sultan has been able to pull the Sultanate out of the Dark Ages and into the modern world. Now, on the cusp of the 22nd century Osman stands ready to forge a new destiny.



Osman is a nation in the ImagiNations world of Aurora.
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